Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Live reporting: Foreign Language Overview

b. Foreign Language Overview – Laura Evans

creating "can do" statements for curriculum
focus on proficiency skills and will be built on from year to year

Shannon Martin - French Teacher

proficiency, and working vertically to achieve this
diverse resources used
one to one device at the high school, esp for technical tools

voice recorders, students record their voice, can review and play back to practice, or also submit to teacher for review

interactive games esp online are good for confirming learning as well as practice

enrichment via Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube used to hep continue learning outside of the classroom

use of authentic materials (rather than the text book)

more students are electing to continue beyond the college requirement

Stephanie Ahern, Emily Day
middle school Spanish Club

Pulsera project sold over 450 bracelets to raise over 2400 for artists in Nicaragua

Loreen and Briana - students at FHS
academic honor society

raised money with recycling bottles and cans, over $1000 raised
planning a Fiesta Friday for the whole school
Spanish themed food and events

Latin National Honor Society
while they don't speak in Latin at the meeting, there are cultural discussions and presentations, sharing interests
a new club (last year)
Saturnalia party held recently
tutoring project
working on a Heifer Project 

national convention held in Boston
whole department was enabled to go

Twitter chats around specific topics help to keep current

would love to see languages start as early as kindergarten
would love to see languages expand beyond Spanish French and Latin

Bilello - something I had not known much about but know that I have a child in the program, there is so much going on. How does starting earlier impact proficiency scores?

Bergen - we did have this program and it was lost over the years. To add more languages, it would require budget money

Jewell - is there any chance where we can have kids go oversees where kids can get immersed in the language?

World Challenge - previously held in the high school self funded by the students (not parents), organized and planned by students, some went to Ecuador, was a life changing experience for those who did it per Peter Light

O'Malley - it is most impressive to me that we don't just teach them and wait for them to come back again. The extension program is wonderfully interactive

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