Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Live Reporting: District and School Improvement Plans

c. DIP/SIP Program Reports – Joyce Edwards

DIP = District Improvement Plan
SIP = School Improvement Plans

social emotional learning one of four objectives
Peter LIght presenting
working towards a 3X a month lesson on zones of regulation at elementary level
working on a documentary type video to share onw hat is being done in the Social Emotional Learning arena

Bilello - this format is very useful, easy to understand, consistency of the program is a challenge for a district this size; this is a good structure

Joyce Edwards picks up with this section
curriculum is the second objective
all schools working on science

FHS preparing for the NEASC visit on certification in March
K12 curriculum review on physical and health education
state guidelines date back to the 1990's so our work is more advanced than is required

homework policy under review with school committee policy subcommittee

FEA has some interest to work with the District on

climate and culture is the 3rd objective
update provided by Maureen
looking to enhance the feedback so it doesn't come from the principal to the teacher but would mostly come from peer to peer
interest based bargaining underway with the teachers union (FEA)

4th objective is around engagement with the community
Oak St is an example, parents did not understand the programs
the School Council planned for parent workshops to take place before the open house
very active Twitter accounts
can still grow the communication, teachers can be overwhelmed with the introduction of the various tools that are available; looking to go to an all Google platform which also includes a parent portal

Peter Light - I have never meet a harder working staff than what we have here in Franklin. There is a saturation point. we are looking to streamline the platform abudance by getting to Google

Bilello - another budget item where we don't have a full time technology leader or integration specialist to help us navigate through this

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