Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Live Reporting: Master Plan Update


2. Master Plan Update

multiple items have been covered, the outline of what has been done is summarized by Bryan

Can someone please describe: "compact neighborhood district"?

Taberner: a state term, we have done what we needed to there so nothing more at this time
work force housing, also a state term referring to affordable housing

Pfeffer - we should pick where 40Bs should go rather than having developers come and tell us

Bissanti - we did get a lot of heat for the term 'work force housing',  we should not discard the idea, anything under the $500K should be in that category

Kelly - work force housing is a starter home, we need to have that available, we need to be cognizant of the concept and the variable pricing

Jones - do we have the power to determine where our 40Bs could go?
Nutting - no

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