Thursday, January 5, 2017

REMINDER: 350 Mass Greater Franklin Node meeting - Thursday, Jan 5, 2017

Hey, climate fighters,

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays that suited your needs!  I knew I wanted a break and I got exactly what I needed.

Now that we've had our respite, it's time to ramp up and wake up our climate spirits by participating in some exciting and fun actions coming up.  If you received Katherine Anderson's Climate Movement Weekly Update yesterday, you have an idea of what they are.  Links to sign-ups are in the newsletter (you should be receiving it--let me know if you aren't), so let's have a good showing at these events!  It's always a blast when 350 Mass activists get together! 

  • Mon, Jan 9   Day Against Denial rally, Park St. T, Boston Common
  • Sat, Jan 14   Bill McKibben and Tim DeChristopher forum, First Parish Church, Harvard Square, Cambridge
  • Sat, Jan 14   #NoDAPL Solidarity Fundraiser Sing-Along, Arlington
  • Wed, Jan 25  Mass Power Forward Lobby Day, State House
  • Sat, Jan 28   350 Mass day-long Organizing and Advocacy Training, Boston (TBD)

We shouldn't be lulled into thinking there's nothing to do since Spectra has hit the Pause Button (for now!); we have the gift of time to make our numbers even stronger!  More grassroots outreach and publicity, Con Comms, Mass Power Forward business outreach, legislative work--we'll talk about details at the meeting.

Part of the Spectra fight will likely be in the legislature, convincing our legislators to say NO to the pipeline tax and YES to other non-carbon solutions. 

New Volunteer Opportunities: If you'd like to work on 350 Mass' legislative goals, you could be part of the 350 Mass Legislative Team either as a State Legislative Team member for the node OR a Point Person for your own legislator (see the link for more details).  And since this node covers 17 towns, that's a fair number of legislators to work with!  We'd like to have people fill these roles for each of the nodes.  I'll be happy to answer questions how that would work, or if I can't, put you in touch with Andy Gordon, the 350 Mass Legislative Coordinator.

I've also done some outreach to the Nipmuck Nation to see if they'd like to work with us to pressure the Dakota Access banks, so we'll see what comes of that.

So bring your calendars to the meeting THURSDAY and we can put our heads together and get things rolling! 

Same time, same place: 7:00-9:00 pm, First Universalist Society, 262 Chestnut Street, Franklin.

See you then!

Carolyn Barthel, Coordinator
350 Mass Greater Franklin Node

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