Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Live Reporting: Subcommittee reports, Legislation


Bissanti - EDC just met

Jones - presentation coming on the Town website for next meeting

Mercer - delays with Senior Center, biggest hold up is the elevator, need to get the State
inspection, once they inspect, then we can utilize the second floor

High school project - while open for a couple of years, it has not ended yet. The fields will be up and operating in the spring. Finalizing the last invoice with the contractor. Setting up the audit process with the MSBA to get signed off

gym floor being re-done this summer, a glass door issue to be taken care of before we sign off

Pfeffer - new addition should be all closed in by now, roof being worked on. Temporary heat there. it will be gorgeous to see what it will look like when done. Stop by 25 Kenwood to see the displays.

the Benjamin Franklin books will be on display in a much better showcase for viewing by all. It may not open in July
1. Bylaw Amendment 16-778: Chapter 160, Taxpayers, Delinquent- 2nd Reading (majority vote - via roll call)
need to revise to bring into compliance with current MA requirements

passed 8-0
2. Bylaw Amendment 17-784: Repeal Sign Restrictions Bylaw- 1st Reading (majority vote)
motion to move to second reading, passed 8-0
removing the second reading

the billboards across the street are 'pre-existing and non-conforming' they will come down with the new development

3. Bylaw Amendment 17-785: Repeal of Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal Bylaw -1st Reading (majority vote)
looking for a discussion and decision on either remove or decide to enforce
not practical for for some sections

passed 8-0

4. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 17-786: Storage Facility Bylaw (Referral to the Planning Board)

this was the item that was discussed at the EDC meeting earlier
currently the storage facilities are only zoned for CII
they are in an industrial area and have been grandfathered, someone putting a new one in couldn't do so

recommended by EDC to proceed
vote on referral to Planning Board, passed 8-0

CII property is a valuable property in Franklin, storage is not a good use (for revenue)

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