Friday, January 6, 2017

Town Council Meeting Recap - Jan 4, 2017

After a brief discussion on the merits of a joint meeting with the Planning Board, the Town Council found it did not have enough interest to go forward. Joint workshops are a good thing but the functions served by both organizations are uniquely different. There would still be the need to hold separate votes, and the Planning Board recommendation is required before the Town Council acts, so the combined meeting for a public hearing would not help to streamline the process.

The update to the Master Plan was a summary of actions taken since the plan was published. The listing of accomplishments mostly in the recreation and open space sections will be recorded with the 'official' Master Plan.

A proposal to locate 'Storage Use' in the industrial zone (where it is not currently permitted) rather than in the Commercial II zone (where it currently is permitted) was approved. The irony is that the two current storage operations are located in the industrial zone, apparently grandfathered from a prior time. The proposal will move to the Planning Board for their discussion and decision before coming back to the Town Council for their two public readings and eventual decision to make the change.

Some of the more interesting information came from the subcommittee reports:

  • Jones - presentation coming on the Town website for next meeting. The presentation should help residents understand how to use the newly redesigned Town webpage.
  • Mercer - delays with Senior Center, biggest hold up is the elevator, need to get the State inspection, once they inspect, then we can utilize the second floor.
  • Mercer - High school project - while open for a couple of years, it has not ended yet. The fields will be up and operating in the spring. Finalizing the last invoice with the contractor. Setting up the audit process with the MSBA to get signed off. FHS gym floor being re-done this summer, a glass door issue to be taken care of before we sign off.
  • Pfeffer - The new addition at the Library should be all closed in by now, roof being worked on. Temporary heat there. it will be gorgeous to see what it will look like when done. Stop by 25 Kenwood to see the displays. The Benjamin Franklin books will be on display in a much better showcase for viewing by all. It may not open in July given the current construction progress.

the new addition to the Library does look like it is closed in at this point
the new addition to the Library does look like it is closed in at this point
The official 'Actions Taken' as posted by the Town of Franklin can be found here

My notes taken live during the meeting can be found here

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