Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Live reporting: Closing

K. Town Administrator's Report
Town Administrator's Report

over snow/ice budget by about 90,000 to date

new compensation plan to Council in advance

application received for 40+ units for 40B appartments behind Ford

will need executive session

April 1 is around the corner, register your dog with the online application

L. Future Agenda Items
Future Agenda Items

something on the Ethic Commission to provide a presentation

M. Council Comments
Council Comments

Pellegri - May 7 - Horace Mann statue dedication
Vallee - reinforce comments on our leadership for financial audit
Jones - thanks to all who came out for the Police/Fire 5K fund raisers
belated birthday to our chairman

Dellorco - shout out to the FHS basketball team for getting to the finals, toguh loss to a good team

Bissanti - compliments to the FHS team

Pfeffer - need to talk about the Milford Newpaper
Country Gazette is a reiteration of the MDN, Clark Cutler McDermott closed months ago,
Franklin Senior Center was grand opening, no show
meth lab in Franklin, every news station from Boston was parked there but nothing in MDN
these are our news, they should be covered, bring him in, ask him why we are not covered

we need to get someone to explain

4th episode of Franklin Almanac is available

N. Executive Session
Executive Session - To discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining -  all Municipal units

vote to go to executive session, passed via roll call 9-0

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