Sunday, March 19, 2017

Superintendent Search: Candidate Resumes and Remaining Schedule

The resumes of the two candidates for Franklin School Superintendent are available below. The Community Forum is scheduled for Monday evening at 6:30 PM.

Based upon what occurred the last time, the candidates will appear separately. They will have an opportunity to make some opening remarks, the community will get to ask questions, and the candidate will be allowed to make a summary statement. 

There'll be a brief break between candidates and the candidate process will repeat.

The candidates are scheduled for a day of visit to the Franklin Schools with meetings scheduled with the principals and asst principals, Central Office, and the teachers and staff. Peter Light is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21. Sara Ahern is scheduled for Thursday, March 23.

The School Committee will make their site visits to the respective candidate districts between March 27 and March 31. 

Those who participate in the Community Forum and visits will be provided a link to a survey to submit feedback on the candidates.

All the information will be gathered by the School Committee and lead to their discussion and decision at an April 4th meeting of the Committee.

The audio recording of the special School Committee meeting Wednesday, March 15 can be found here:

Franklin HIgh School in a snow covered sunrise
Franklin High School in a snow covered sunrise

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