Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Live reporting: Hearings

F. Hearings
Hearing on Whether to Exercise the Town's First Refusal Option to Purchase Land on Washington Street - 7:10 pm

hearing opened at 7:25 PM
town has first option of refusal (map to be added)

purchasing the land would add to land already owned
future use could be open space or hiking
at least closes off access to the land

utility easement cuts through the land (power and gas)
town can meet a legitimate offer which they have

cost would be $212,000

would be purchased with 'free cash' and no limits to used from that 
if that was purchased via Conservation funds, then there could be restrictions

match the 3rd party offer or decline

would have approx 50 acres all connected for future use

hearing declared closed

G. License Transactions
British Beer Company - Change of Manager - 7:10 pm

Ryan Patrick Potter new manager of license
manager has been tipped trained
has been acting in the role
had changed manager last year

had an incident 3 years ago, Ryan was in Falmouth at the time

motion to approve, via roll call, passed 9-0

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