Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Live reporting: Economic Development Committee Meeting - Mar 22, 2017

Present: Bissanti, Padula, Pfeffer, Vallee, Padula, Halligan
Kelly, Jones, Pellegri, Vozella, Gleason and 2 others

overview of proposal on brewery, distillery, or winery production with a tasting room

the innovation is in the manufacturing of the alcohol for sale; couldn't open something and serve Sam Adams

Bob Vozella, speaks to his operation along Union St
about 6,000 bottles produced by La Cantina thus far
quality grapes and care in the process, monitoring
sharing and seeing how it is made helps

Federal permit required for brewery, State effectively acknowledges the Fed license receipt

production license by ABCC
pouring license by Town Council

Tips training, manager of record would all be the same as other liquor license applications

Would this be standard hours or advertised for specific periods?

Would be required by Special Permit to address all the other zoning type issues, parking etc.

The tasting rooms start out 1-2 days four to five hours operation
the targeted audience for this doesn't stay late

the license would be site specific, it would be an overlay for several of the commercial districts
not for any of the residential districts

the special permit requirement is key for a number of reasons
you could have trucking for the manufacturing and for the retail (tasting) would require parking

the liquid could be made one place and sold elsewhere, but not by the manufacturer

motion made to recommend to Town COuncil to start the process

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