Sunday, June 25, 2017

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - June 28, 2017

Note: there is an executive session to scheduled for 6:45 PM. The normal start of the meeting is scheduled for 7:00 PM.

Agenda ItemSummary
A. Executive Session
A. Executive Session - Real Property Acquisition/Value
B. Approval of Minutes
May 24, 2017
May 25, 2017
June 7, 2017
C. Announcements
This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast Channel 11 and Verizon Channel 29. This meeting may also be recorded by others.
D. Proclamations/Recognitions
Swearing in of Firefighters
Dean College
E. Citizen Comments
Citizens are welcome to express their views for up to five minutes on a matter that is not on the Agenda.  The Council will not engage in a dialogue or comment on a matter raised during Citizen Comments. The Town Council will give remarks appropriate consideration and may ask the Town Administrator to review the matter.
F. Appointments
Cultural Council
Election Workers
Citizens Committee
G. Hearings
Public Hearing - Franklin Cultural District - 7:10 PM
H. License Transactions
License Transactions - Table and Vine - Change of Manager
I. Presentations/Discussions(none scheduled)
J. Subcommittee Reports(provided during meeting)
K. Legislation for Action
1Resolution 17-43: MBTA - Dean Station Solar Canopy (Motion to Move Resolution 17-43 - majority vote (5))
2Resolution 17-39: Grant of Reserved Easement on former Town-Owned Land on Pond Street to Charles River Pollution Control District (Motion o Move Resolution 17-39 - 2/3 majority vote (6))
3Resolution 17-40: Chapter 61B - Non-exercise of 1st Refusal Option - 17.12 Acres of land off Maple Street (Motion to Move Resolution 17-40 - majority vote (5))
4Resolution 17-41: Chapter 61A - Non-exercise of 1st Refusal Option - 114.473 Acres located at 215 Prospect Street (Motion to Move Resolution 17-41 - majority vote (5))
5Resolution 17-42: Acceptance of Gift - Franklin Fire Department (Motion to Move Resolution 17-42 - majority vote (5))
6Resolution 17-44: Creation of Cultural District Committee (Motion to Move Resolution 17-44 - majority vote (5))
7Resolution 17-45: Proposed Franklin Cultural District (Motion to Move Resolution 17-45 - majority vote (5))
8Resolution 17-46: Appropriation - Town Common Stage Improvements (Motion to Move Resolution 17-46 - majority vote (5))
9Resolution 17-47: Appropriation - FY 17 Operating Budget Transfer - Fire Salaries (Motion to Move Resolution 17-47 - majority vote (5))
10Zoning Bylaw Amendment 17-788: Definitions. Brewer, Distillery, or Winery with Tasting Room - 2nd Reading (Motion to Move Bylaw Amentment 17-788 - 2/3 majority roll call vote (6))
11Zoning Bylaw Amendment 17-792: Use Regulations for Brewery, Distillery, or Winery with a Tasting Room - 2nd Reading (Motion to Move Bylaw Amendment 17-792 - 2/3 majority roll call vote (6))
12. Bylaw Amendment 17-793: Amendment to Water System Map - 2nd Reading (Motion to Move Bylaw Amendment 17-793 - majority roll call vote (5))
13Bylaw Amendment 17-794: A Bylaw to Amend the Code of the Town of Franklin by Adding a New Chapter: Chapter 108 Library Board of Directors - 2nd Reading (Motion to Move Bylaw Amendment 17-794 - majority roll call vote (5))
L. Town Administrator's Report(provided during meeting)
M. Future Agenda Items(provided during meeting)
N. Council Comments(provided during meeting)
O. Adjourn   

The single PDF copy of the documents released for this agenda can be found here

work on the Chestnut St sidewalk has resumed
work on the Chestnut St sidewalk has resumed

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