Monday, June 26, 2017

Public hearing - June 28 - 7:00 PM to gain feedback on Cultural District proposal

The Franklin Town Council will hold a public hearing on June 28, 2017 at 7:10 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers of the Franklin Municipal Building, 355 East Central Street, so residents, businesses and interested parties can learn about and comment on the proposed Franklin Cultural District and related goals. 

Art and culture related organizations and the general public are invited to attend and provide input. 

Information about the proposed Franklin Cultural District can be obtained by contacting the Dept of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) at 508-520-4907 or at the Town of Franklin website

Matt Kelly, Chairman

3rd Annual Cultural Festival to showcase the arts that happen here in Franklin

3rd Annual Cultural Festival to showcase the arts that happen here in Franklin

To: Town Council
From: Jamie Hellen
Re: Cultural District Committee and State Designation

We are requesting the Town Council approve two resolutions that will:
1. Establish a town committee of no more than seven members to coordinate the big picture marketing and public relations strategy of the Franklin Downtown Cultural District; and
2. Approve of the town staff forwarding our application to the state for approval.
These resolutions are required by the state.
Now that the downtown infrastrastructure is complete, the next phase of the downtown revitalization is to help foster a creative economic development atmosphere. Already we have seen new private investment with the Horace Mann plaza and other new small businesses, including Teddy Gallagher's
Pub, the Little Shop of Olive Oils, Dharani Grill and more.
Additionally, the many cultural events have been seeing increased participation and this district will help to promote and market these events to a wider audience.
Finally, with the library renovation and expansion project opening in the Fall, we believe there are additional opportunities to offer new attractions, such as the Benjamin Franklin exhibits, to a wider audience where people can also eat and shop in Franklin. This is the right time to have some additional public relations for the downtown.
Setting up this Cultural District will:
● Help promote and market the Downtown attractions to a wider audience;
● Receive free marketing and promotion from the state;
● Give the town a $5,000 seed grant for local marketing and public relations activities for downtown Franklin (we spend the money at our discretion);
● Coordinate big picture marketing policy for the district and downtown;
● Help foster additional investment in the arts and culture communities in town.

Additional documents for the Town Council meeting can be found

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