Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Live reporting: to Closing

L. Town Administrator's Report

adjustments to Pond St with berm

M. Future Agenda Items

Pfeffer - request for better description on what a board or committee does to help create awareness of what they do

Pellegri - to talk about 4th of July and fireworks for next year

N. Council Comments

Pellegri - wishing the 4th committee all the luck in the world to pull it off

Padula - playground on Pleasant St in constantly packed

Mercer - condolences to local families on passings

Vallee - what oversight do we have over the 4th?

Joines - happy 4th

Dellorco - condolences to Ranieri family

Bissanti - condolences to Rick Power for his sister's passing
I'd like to see fireworks next year

Pfeffer - condolences to the Cook's family

Kelly - condolences to the many who have lost someone recently
lights at Horace Mann Sq heading west to W Central St
timers are messed up

O. Adjourn

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