Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Live reporting: Special Education Presentation

  • b. Special Education – Debbie Dixson
Asst Directors
Paula Marano
Ellen White

(Note: Schultz arrives at 7:10 PM)

brain frames training started with 40 special education teachers, now over 100 general teachers trained

a resource on brain frames can be found here

registered behavior technician - training underway and certification available from Pearson

iReady an online tool, piloted in elementary, provided diagnostic and blended learning strategies
aligned with curriculum and state standards

more on iReady can be found online

issue with delivery services to students either out of district if there are needs that can't be met, or if they can be serviced within the district. Always an ongoing discussion

the slide summarizing the category of student disabilities serviced for the student population is rather interesting

15.11% of the total Franklin student population is on an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Derek Donahoe
ECDC, Remington, FHS
recipient of the Latham Award, will be speaking at Fenway Park later this week

has had equal access to materials through technology
has a computer with him that allows for access to Google products
takes the train once a week, learns about purchasing items
has a one-on-one aide
has had great teams of teachers, looks forward to high school and to what else he can learn

updates planned for the District website to provide more and better information on the programs and resources available

future speakers/training

  • Jessica Minahan - scheduled for ED day to start school


  • Sarah Ward, executive functioning session scheduled for special ed teachers in the Fall



Sara Mulcahey, Co-Vice-President of SEPAC
provides an overview of the SEPAC organization and programs

Wrobleski family story
2 children on IEPs, for different reasons

the abc's are important but being able to dress and feed herself is also quite important

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