Sunday, August 20, 2017

Franklin Almanac Episode 10 (YouTube)

Franklin Almanac Episode 10 with Host Polikseni Manxhari was originally broadcast on Aug 14, 2017.
  • Introduction- 00:00-00:36
  • Sara Ahern, Superintendent of Franklin Public Schools- 00:37-09:52
  • Franklin Cultural Festival-09:53-15:17
  • Operation Chill-15:18-21:00
  • DARE Program-21:01-27:05
  • Final Thoughts-27:06-28:30
Note: you might recognize someone as he talks about letting "magic happen" at the end of the Franklin Cultural Festival segment

Electric Youth and Future Shock please the crowd
Electric Youth and Future Shock pleased the crowd at the Town Common
on the opening night of the 3rd Annual Cultural Festival

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