Sunday, August 20, 2017

End of School Year status update provided on School Improvement Plans

Catching up to share the summary for the School Committee (SC) held on Tuesday, August 8.

The School Committee heard updates from all the schools and the Central Office on the progress made on the Improvement Plans during the 2016-2017 school year. The updates were provided by the school principals. The presentation docs are shown below. You can follow the links to my notes recorded during the meeting for other details of the conversation. The full video of the meeting is available for replay by Franklin TV and that link is also found below.

After the schools provided their update, the Central Office, Superintendent Sara Ahern and Assistant Superintendents Peter Light and Joyce Edwards provided a preview of the District Improvement Plan for the coming school year. An offsite planning session was planned for Aug 16-18 during which the plan would be discussed, reviewed and refined to bring back to the SC for the Aug 22 meeting.

Note: the presentation docs include the status updates also provided at midyear. If you have seen those, you can skip to the end of year details listed for each school.

Middle Schools and High School

Elementary Schools

District Improvement Plan preview

the ball fields at FHS were getting water earlier this week
the ball fields at FHS were getting water earlier this week

Meeting video available for replay on demand by Franklin TV

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