Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Live reporting: Discussion Only Items

3. Discussion Only Items

  • Unified Basketball Proposal
  • Superintendent’s Entry Plan
  • District Improvement Plan 2017-2018

Unified Basketball

Sep to Nov, twice a week practice, share space with volleyball
registration through Family ID process
proposed expenses for transportation for 3 games, coaching fee, team jerseys
graduated fees, include volunteers for clock keepers, officials, etc.
an action item for approval later in the program

participant fees would cover some of the costs, other expenses would come from the athletic budget

(proposal doc to be added later)

Entry Plan

Superintendent Sara Ahern's Entry Plan

listen to stake holders
review of key documents and data
observations of schools and classrooms

looking to expand circle even wider with schools opening
looking to shadow students at each school

document outline; communications, cultural and human resources
process has begun, as it unfolds, I'll share tentative findings periodically as we go along

C - I think it is a wonderful document, I like to see the feedback mentioned
perhaps in your doc review you might see some gaps with your fresh lens

C - this is exptensive

This will be shared on the website for parents and other stakeholders will be prepared 

Revised - District Improvement Plan

Revised - District Improvement Plan

website update part of the plan added to this version

Policy Update

Proposed agenda

Current agenda

how to engage the high school students for feedback
discussion on presentations and format
better coordination of content and who speaks when on the agenda items
policies for two readings don't change; only some items would have the discussion and action aligned together

this could be voted on this time, move to second, and approved next meeting
would then be effective for the 2nd meeting in Sep (assuming approval)

I stepped in to make a citizens comment and suggestions around sharing of info before hand to enable better communication and conversation during the meeting

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