Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Live reporting: Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items
Policy – First Reading
o CBI – Evaluation of Superintendent

Current Policy

Proposed Policy

Policy – Second Reading
o BEDB – Order of Business


Approval of 2017-18 Student Activity Fund Accounts – Miriam Goodman
principals' hold in trust for the benefit of the students
fund approvals include mission and purpose for each of the clubs


New Sub Committees
o Public Schools Advocacy
looking to formalize, asking Anne Bergen to chair
up to 2 more to volunteer
Denise, MJ stepped forward
awareness of legislation pending, provide important accurate information to counter some of the 'myth' that persist
advocate at the local and State level for budget reform

o Ad Hoc – Superintendent Evaluation
Proposed Anne and Cindy to take this

o Liaison to MASC
Denise to continue in this role more formally

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