Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Live reporting: Zoning Hearing, license transactions, 4th of July

F. Hearings
F. Hearings - Zoning Bylaw Amendment 17-795R: Zoning Map Changes from Business and Commercial II to Single Family Residential IV and Commercial I, in an Area on or Near Union, Cottage, and Saxon Streets - 7:10 pm

17 Wachusett resident
turning property from residential to commercial not in best interest of Franklin

hearing closed

1st reading tonight, 2nd reading at next meeting before council change approved

G. License Transactions
G. License Transactions:
1. Ashadeep, Inc. d/b/a Union Street Wine & Liquors - Change in Officer/Director, Transfer of Stock - 7:10 pm

currently 100% owned, selling 25% of the shares to the other 2 individuals

question on prior under age items, were in another town and sold off

2. 99 Restaurant - Change in Officer/Director - 7:10 pm

individuals not present
should be done at ABCC level 

motion to table until Sep 22, at 7:10; seconded, passed 8-0

H. Presentations/Discussions
H. Presentations/Discussions - Franklin 4th of July Committee

Paul Kordic, co chari
Joe C

PKjuly4th at
jcjuly4th at

targeting for July 3rd
carnival start on June 29, run thru the 4th

will be starting now to work on the planning for next year
will attempt to bring the fireworks back
American Thunder, the fireworks provider

percent of carnival, usually about 30K from which the other expenses; net about 4-5K to work on next year

looking to get 5K from small business and corporate donors

some transition items are still underway, 501(c)3 filing required later this year, will provide a copy when prepared

Pellegri - had been chair for 25 years, Thanks for taking this on
perhaps we can get together with some other organization to address volunteers, fund raising, etc.
combining with the some other events? Cultural Event, and Strawberry Festival? sit down and try to work something out

considering to have the farmers market open even next year, if they are willing

looking for funding to help this group, police and fire costs add up; maybe we wouldn't need as many or could we put some money aside to pay for this

started as part of the Brick School carnival and expanded from the 80's

fireworks to be from on of the back ball fields (grass)
notification to Eaton Place and neighbors planned as well

Mercer - have DPW and Facilities involved as there are sprinklers in the fields and the fields are new and need to be taken care of

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