Sunday, December 31, 2017

Charles River Meadowlands Initiative: Information and Children's Reading - Feb 2

To kick of 2018, the Charles River Meadowlands Initiative will be holding an information session on Feb. 2, International Wetlands Day AND Groundhog Day. We will be offering literature, information and a slideshow from 3-6 PM at the Franklin Public Library in the ground floor meeting room. Feel free to stop by and encourage anyone who might be interested to come, too. 

In ADDITION, we are co-sponsoring a reading of meteorologist Mish Michael's book, Ms. G. and Her Shadowy Road to Fame -- a children's book loosely based on the state's real life "official" Groundhog! Franklin Town Councilor Melanie Hamblen will be the guest reader at 3:30 in the Children's Room at the Library. For further information about the Ms. G. program, contact Children's Librarian Calleigh Keating (

For more about the Ms. G. book

For more about the Charles River Meadowlands Initiative 

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