Sunday, January 28, 2018

School Committee - Recap of Meeting - Jan 23, 2018

The School Committee meeting on Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018 was one of the longer meetings. Given the School Improvement Plan (SIP) updates from 9 of the 10 District schools, it was going to take some time. You'll recall FHS did their update on the school improvement plan at the meeting Jan 9. In other years, the SIP updates have been over three nights, or over two (with the middle schools and FHS combined).

Superintendent Sara Ahern presented her "Entry Plan Findings." Screen grabs of her presentation are included in the Live Reporting meeting link below. Her full textual report is also provided here.

The Discussion Action items moved quickly and the discussion only and information matters also moved quickly as the evening wore on.

The School Start Times committee appointments were announced to be rescheduled for the meeting Feb 27. The Feb 13 meeting is the Legislative Forum on the school budget. It will be held at the same time as the normal school committee meeting but located at the FHS Lecture Hall (Not the Council Chambers).

The primary reasons for delaying the School Start Advocacy Committee were to put together representatives from all the stakeholder groups. Over 50 applications were received but heavily weighed for parent and community members. They also want to be more clear about the work commitments expected with a schedule of proposed dates/times to help set expectations.

word cloud built from words gathered at Superintendent Ahern's   focus group meetings with students
word cloud built from words gathered at Superintendent Ahern's 
focus group meetings with students

Superintendent's "Entry Plan Findings"

Additional details from the meeting can be found in the notes reported live and linked to below:

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