Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Live Reporting: from 'Legislation for Action' to 'Closing'

. Legislation for Action
J. Legislation for Action
1. Resolution 18-16Authorization for the Town Administrator to Enter into Lease Purchase Financing Agreement to Fund New Municipal Telephone Systems (Motion to Move Resolution 18-16 - 2/3 Majority Vote (6))

motion to wave reading, seconded passed 9-0 via roll call

discussed earlier, then fell by the wayside, saves money
lease arrangement to be set up to replace old phone system

5 year warranty covers all services
don't usually extend warranties
usually pay as you go

this is the most affordable and effective way to go to replace 14 year old phones

motion to approve, seconded passed 9-0 via roll call
K. Town Administrator's Report
K. Town Administrator's Report
working on working plan for neighborhood with public safety folks
cant do signage and striping in winter time but will do so in the better weather

Police given great customer service, created a internet exchange zone at the parking lot between the police station and the Sculpture Park

snow removal cost update - basically under $1.2M currently
almost half million just for March

DPW thanks the family for the BIG Y pizzas they dropped off but ran off without giving their name

logic on shelter opening for emergency management
if there was an easy answer to give, it is a measure of impact, amount and nature of
NationalGrid was on site with the Emergency Management Team
there are a lot of factors that go into doing this
if you have questions, please call Town Administration

L. Future Agenda Items
L. Future Agenda Items

Earls - Franklin Focus meeting in March, looking to restart the Open Space Commission to add for future item

Pellegri - 4th of July update? on next meeting

Hamblen - would also like to see the open space committee

M. Council Comments
M. Council Comments

Hamblen - first AgComm sworn in

Dellorco - can we meet with Dean?

Padula - thanks for letting us know about the parking issue
Imogene Johnson Smith - judge at Wrentham Court

Jones - thanks for the work to keep March manageable with the storms, Dean residents, we'll get that resolved

Mercer - "All set mister Chairman"

Kelly - what can the DPW do on the trash? in May the students will be gone

N. Executive Session
N. Executive Session - Strategy for collective bargaining with Police Unions

motion to go to Executive Session, seconded, passed 9-0 via roll call

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