Monday, March 26, 2018

School Committee recap - March 22, 2018 (audio)

The Franklin (MA) School Committee meeting originally scheduled for March 13 and snowed out by the blizzard was rescheduled and held on Thursday, March 22. Due to the reschedule, Franklin TV was not broadcasting the meeting so the audio recording here is made available for the community.

Three items of note from the meeting:
  • The budget was reviewed again and it was revealed that the plan to close the more than $900K gap was to utilize more funds from the revolving accounts. This is a concern as the revolving accounts are one-time use and simply continue to 'kick the can down the road' yet again and avoid the real decision on how to appropriately fund the school needs. 'Yet again' as there was significant use of the revolving accounts last year ($6.5M for FY 18 vs. $4.5M as proposed for FY19)
  • Asst. Superintendent Joyce Edwards reviewed the homework planning underway. The slides from the presentation are not yet posted to the Schools webpage so the photos captured during the meeting can be reviewed along with the audio to better understand what was presented.
  • It was revealed during the subcommittee update portion of the meeting that the School Start Advisory Committee actually met for the first time this week. The Advisory Committee was appointed in a prior meeting yet only one name for the committee has been posted for the membership. The Advisory Committee page did get updated (post meeting) to remove the form that was still asking for volunteers for this important work. 

My notes reported live from the meeting can be found in the links here:

Live Reporting: Action Items to Closing

    Live Reporting: School Committee - Mar 22, 2018

    Asst. Superintendent Joyce Edwards reviewed the homework planning underway
    Asst. Superintendent Joyce Edwards reviewed the homework planning underway

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