Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Live reporting: Discussion - Action Items

3. Discussion / Action Items
a. Policy – First Reading
I recommend approval of moving the following policies to a second reading as
motion to move to 2nd reading, second, passed 7-0

  • NEW JFABE – Educational Opportunities for Military Children
  • NEW JFABF – Educational Opportunities for Children in Foster Care
  • BCA – School Committee Member Ethics

b. Policy – Second Reading
I recommend adoption of Policy BA – School Committee Operational Goals as
motion to approve, second, passed 7-0

c. Concession Stand
I recommend acceptance of the Concession Stand at Franklin High School valued
at $210,800.00 from various donors as discussed.

Ryan Jette, Wayne, Mike Socci
motion to approve, second, passed 7-0

without guidance and leadership of Ahern and Nutting it would not have been accomplished

the concession trailer needed to be replaced and with the new school, updated field, it was time to do so

DPW Water division (water and sewer connections)
DPW Grounds (all landscaping)
Mike D'Angelo, Facilities (up to standard for other buildings)
Gus Brown, Building Inspector
Board of Health inspected and approved

additional landscape work remains

concession stand at Franklin High School
new concession stand at Franklin High School

d. FHS Europe Trip Proposal
I recommend approval of the request of Mr. Walsh and Mr. McCarthy to take FHS
students to Berlin, Prague, Krakow (Auschwitz) and Budapest from June 23, 2019
through July 3, 2019 as detailed.

Education First (EF) could be accessible for someone who requires assistance
fund raising could be tight due to the time frame, linking to other teachers who have done similar trips
fund raising would be competing with all the other clubs and sports at FHS
opportunities for specific curriculum tie ins US History, AP, World History, etc.
limited to current high school students

motion to approve, second, passed 7-0

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