Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Live Reporting: Elementary School Improvement Plans

2. Guests / Presentations
a. Elementary School Improvement Plans
Kelty Kelly, Principal

"Big Day for Pre K"
honors developmental appropriate practice
seeing increase of students with autism needs

ii. Davis Thayer
iii. Jefferson
iv. Keller
v. JF Kennedy
vi. Oak Street
vii. Parmenter

The listing of principals by school can be found on the Town of Franklin page

elementary school principals ready to provide an update on the improvement plans
elementary school principals ready to provide an update on the improvement plans
partnering with Franklin Food Pantry for weekend backpack program to provide additional food for those in need

(Note: C Douglas arrives)

MA Personalized Learning Network (MAPLE)

PD Your Way - at Parmenter, professional development your way

ICE - intervention, correction and enrichment

new Schools webpage now available, faculty figuring out how to do things with the new page
leveraging Twitter for communications with links back to the school page

Keller Kids Calls - positive calls home for the student

Q - on MAPLE 
teachers can use it to provide some differentiated learning on particular topics, about student engagement, where are they coming from, not just where we are coming from

Q - examples of SEL skills for elementary students
resiliency would be one, multiple opportunities to identify the skills, hopefully they'll find self confidence and what tools they can use to self regulate

first PD day was focused for teachers and staff how to take care of themselves first

social studies curriculum overdue for an update but teachers are integrating current events and other items as they can

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