Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Live reporting: Legislation for Action

Resolution 18-58: Acceptance of Gift to the Franklin Public Library from the Franklin Library Association (Motion to Approve Resolution 18-58- Majority Vote (5))

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

Resolution 18-59: Appropriation Request for FY19 Supplemental Appropriations and Transfers (Motion to Approve Resolution 18-59- Majority Vote (5))

passed by FinCom Tuesday by 8-0 vote

had needed 1.5M to balance budget, now need only 642K
some budget adjustments to account for customer service
regional dispatch opening delayed, need to add money back to the Police and Fire and reduce MEC budget
also add the Tri-County resource officer

Police up 74K
Fire up 45K
due to OT, transition, vacancies with 5 openings but not replaceable until March

adding 600K to the road budget, first step to a long term plan to better handle our road backlog

had more revenues, i.e. new growth
signed host agreement, new permits and receipts over what had been forecasted

trying to make it work, kind of the way of the world
the others can be helpful on other floors

900-1000 passports a year but that is now downstairs
the income statements on housing are now better handled

The School Dept is also happy that the passports are down stairs

Treasurer receipts allow for credit card transactions to make it easier

we're trying it, we'll see how it works, we have an opportunity to make a change in the next budget

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

Resolution 18-60: Appropriation General Stabilization Fund (Motion to Approve Resolution 18-60- Majority Vote (5))

passed by FinCom Tuesday by 8-0 vote

would put us just a little over the 5% financial goal

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

Resolution 18-61: Appropriation DPW- Public Way Improvements (Motion to Approve Resolution 18-61- Majority Vote (5))

passed by FinCom Tuesday by 8-0 vote

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

Zoning Bylaw Amendment 18-820: Zoning Map Changes on or near King Street, Summer Street, Lawrence Drive, and Uncas Ave - 1st Reading (Motion to Move Zoning Bylaw Amendment 18-820 to a 2nd Reading- Majority Vote(5))

motion to waive reading, seconded, passed 9-0

motion to move to 2nd reading, seconded, passed 9-0

11. TOWN ADMINISTRATORS REPORTpension system requested, should have gotten an email from Chrissy

drain on Maple St
when a basin gets cleaned, it is goes into the program to track
some fill faster than others, we do track, via tablet to update the schedule

on the culvert, it might be a private property issue

finally happening, the street lights replacing the lights
1816 lights to be replaced by end of calendar year
Pine Ridge technology

DPW, Fire and Police for their help with the Harvest Festival
all the folks were interacting with the public

Early voting starts Oct 22
state gold award received for last time
times posted on web page

does the tracking software have the ability to escalate?
will be part of the storm water permit we need to fill out
we can develop a flexible schdedule

catch basis cleaning is weather dependent
might do 400 one month, next month 200
12. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS40B project in Norfolk
heavy metals found in the soil

Jeff is on the Board and meeting with the Norfolk Admin, on hold due to the investigation; environmental review of the entire property
13. COUNCIL COMMENTSHamblen - Thanks for the Harvest Fest
Dellorco - culvert under the road, discharge between two properties
Mercer - great job with the Harvest Festival
Earls - reaching out Veterans, residents, stories of Franklin, to join Franklin TV for an interview
Pellegri - Joe Landry does a wonderful job, once a month at the senior center
Lovely getting appointed, after father retires
museum was busy all day
Padula - if Jeff/Jamie need any help, I'd like to volunteer Matt Kelly
Jones - Nov 16 - FEF Harlem Wizards fund raising
Kelly - great job with the Harvest Festival, Downtown Partnership

None Scheduled

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