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Town Council summary - Dec 19, 2018

The recap of the Town Council meeting held Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018.

Liquor license renewals
The annual liquor license renewals came up for approval. Those businesses with outstanding bills will have their license held until the outstanding items are completed. 
The listing of the current liquor licenses can be found online

Technology Update
Tim Raposa, Technology Director, provided an update on the work of the department. "There isn’t a department in here that doesn’t need technology" was aptly quoted in the MDN article on his presentation. I took several photos of his presentation and will share the deck when it is available (not yet posted to Town page).

Photos captured of the presentation can be found online

Mixed Business Innovation
The package of 6 zoning bylaw amendments came before the Town Council for potential referral to the Planning Board. They had been reviewed at the Economic Development Committee and came forward with a 3-1 vote (Kelly the lone 'no' vote).

Kelly clearly wants something in the bylaw to allow for residential use but exactly what would meet that requirement was not discussed explicitly or agreed to during the meeting. While some other councilors agree that residential use would make sense, it doesn't for the building that is currently on site. The bylaw amendments did get referred to the Planning Board. Kelly voted against one of the amendments but voted for all the others.

The Planning Board will hold two public hearings and make a recommendation on the measures to send back to the Council. The Council will also hold two public hearings and either make adjustments to the language or leave it as is. The timing on all of this would bring a 'final' decision sometime as early as mid-February or March 2019.

The formal "Actions Taken" document was not yet published. When it is, it will be linked to here.

one of the Technology slides depicts the town school split for the technology personnel
one of the Technology slides depicts the town school split for the technology personnel

My detailed notes taken during the meeting can be found in the links below:

  • Live reporting: from Town Administrators Report to...
  • Live reporting: Legislation for Action
  • Live Reporting: Technology Dept
  • Live Reporting: Town Council - Dec 19, 2019

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