Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In the News: Franklin has a 'cultural district'; Franklin Patriot fans at Arrowhead

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

Franklin Cultural District

"After five years of hard work, the Franklin Cultural District was officially recognized by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. 
As part of an effort led by the Franklin Cultural District Committee, the town became the 46th cultural district in the state. Massachusetts has more state-designated cultural districts than any other state. 
“The population here just really supports art and culture,” said Cultural District Committee member and Franklin Cultural Council Chairman Stacey David. “It’s something that people want and they look for. It’s something that the state government really supports, and it’s really something to be proud of.” 
A state-sanctioned cultural district opens up artistic and economic development opportunities, town officials have said. The designation not only boosts Franklin’s reputation in the art world, it may lead to grants that may fuel other projects."

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Franklin Cultural District
Franklin Cultural District

Franklin Patriot fans at Arrowhead

"A pair of dedicated New England Patriots fans may have helped their team win the AFC Division Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The team is now headed to its fourth Super Bowl in five years. 
Aaron Gouveia, 39, and his father Bill, 62, both of Franklin, traveled to the Midwest city to cheer on their beloved Patriots in Arrowhead Stadium. And when they were unexpectedly invited to a pre-game tour of the field, they decided to take full advantage of the opportunity. 
“We didn’t know we were going to be on the field,” Aaron Gouveia said. “But I had my boots packed away from the last time I was at Gillette (Stadium) so I scooped a little (dirt) out, put it in my pocket and when we got on the field I dropped some of it. It was our makeshift idea of ‘home-field advantage’” 
Dirt, lucky pennies, and going without a jacket in 20-degree weather were all part of the pair’s winning game strategy. And an attentive member of the Patriots organization unknowingly became a co-conspirator."

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