Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Live reporting: Superintendents Recommended Budget

b. FY 2020 Superintendent’s Recommended Budget
tied to values, mission and DIP goals

budget process to date (slides to be added when available on Wednesday)
screen grabs to be inserted as available

circuit breaker amount increased, so it may appear the costs are going down so it may be misleading

started with level service and then looked to 'critical needs'
a total of a 6% increase as it is (leaving some 'critical needs' out)

  • ECDC request for PreK curriculum leadership, not recommended
  • Adjustment counselors currently at Middle School, would add 2 FTE to elementary, and adjust as necessary with study underway (results not yet available)
  • Expansion of NECC Partner Program at Parmenter 
  • Instructional interventionists - not recommended at this time
  • ESP support at K level, principals requested 2 FTE at each, recommended 1 at each
  • Adjustment counselors at the Middles School, requested 2 per, recommending 1 per
  • STRIVE program at ASMS
  • Classroom teachers at FHS to address growing class sizes, recommend to add 4 FTE
  • Curriculum leadership, missing piece at MS and ES; 2 FTE
  • substitute recruitment strategies - recruit and retain more long term subs
  • Digital integration specialists, not recommended at this time
  • Van driver - looking to add but it would have cost savings
  • Technology replenishment, use capital 
Superintendents Recommended Budget for FY 2020 - summary slide
Superintendents Recommended Budget for FY 2020 - summary slide

decreasing the use of revolving funds to balance the budget (approx $300K)

anticipated budget gap to close - TBD

  • Actual allocation from the Town
  • collective bargaining
  • Actual health insurance
  • other revenue streams
  • Remaining FY 2019 expenditures

Feb 5th - Legislative Forum
Feb 26th (actually a Tuesday - slide said 27th which was last year's date)

add $50K, not $75K for NECC item

Q - if we put the not recommended to the future? how will we pay for those?
A - always an issue, if it goes forward, we will need to be creative, it is a tight budget

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