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Be part of ArtWeek 2019

Be part of ArtWeek 2019!
FCC ArtWeek grants close Jan. 31!

Be part of ArtWeek 2019
ArtWeek is a 10-day festival, April 26 - May 5, 2019, featuring unique and unexpected arts and cultural experiences that are participatory, interactive, or offer behind-the-scenes access to artists or the creative process. Anyone can host an ArtWeek event…organizations, businesses, schools and individual artists. And while the VENUE has to be in Franklin to be part of ArtWeek Franklin, the HOST or participating organization does not! Successful events are often partnerships between artists and venues, such as a theater or dance performance in a restaurant, or an art workshop in a retail space.

Franklin Cultural Council

So let's talk money...

ArtWeek events must be open to the public (though you can limit the number of attendees through ticket sales or other means), but they don't have to be free. All events must be under $50, and you keep all revenue. Want to host a free event? Well, that's certainly encouraged too! The Franklin Cultural Council is once again providing special grants just to those programs offered free of charge! Don't miss out...grants close Jan. 31

What makes an event an ArtWeek event?

ArtWeek events should be unique, memorable and inspired experiences that offer a taste of the arts, culture, and/or creativity unlike others that you can traditionally experience throughout the rest of the year. Plenty of events are outside-the-box, but you can also easily transform an existing event or performance that would normally be available to the general public by adding a simple "ArtWeek twist" like:
  • Inviting the public to what is typically a closed rehearsal or offering a free pre- or post-show talk or discussion 
  • Hosting a hands-on workshop or demonstration (and it's extra cool to host them in an unexpected place)
  • Adding a twist to open studios by including a 30-minute mini-workshop or how-to session with an artist
  • Creating a partnership event between artists and businesses
  • Offering a tour, hosting a lecture or creating a panel to discuss a relevant topic in arts, culture or creativity
  • If you're a restaurant, consider participating in the Art of Food.
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