Sunday, March 17, 2019

School Committee Recap: School Budget proposal approved, yet funding insufficient

The School Committee meeting was a long one as the ECDC, and elementary schools walked through updates on their School Improvement Plans (SIP). The District Improvement Plan goals 2 and 3 also received an update from the Central office. Lots of progress and accomplishments under challenging circumstances.

Then the Discussion / Action Item section rolled along and the committee voted to approve the expense budget and salary budget in separate votes for FY 2020. Only a few changes from what had been reviewed and had evolved over the several weeks leading up to Tuesday.

Then Superintendent Ahern revealed that the budget as approved was likely about $2.6M over what the Town can fund. The Town Council meeting the following night (Wednesday, March 13) would begin the overall Town budget discussion and how to address the shortfall.

Stay tuned for the on going budget discussion. What we want for our children and the Town of Franklin depends upon what info is forthcoming and how it is received. 

Participate in the Budget hearings or at least tune into the meetings. Worse case, follow the updates here and don't be shy in asking good questions.

The Superintendent's Report:

Kelly Kelty, Principal of ECDC presented a mid-year update on the School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Principals/Vice-principals presented a joint update on the Elementary SIP

Elementary SIP Mid-year Update - March 12, 2019 from Franklin Matters

The Central Office (Superintendent Sara Ahern, Asst Supt Lucas Giguere, Dr Joyce Edwards, and Paula Marano) presented the joint update on the District Improvement Plan (DIP)

My notes are reported live during the meeting can be found in the links below

School committee meeting March 12, 2019
School committee meeting March 12, 2019

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