Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Live Reporting: Discussion - Action Items

3. Discussion / Action Items
a. Policy 2nd Reading/Adoption
I recommend adoption of the following Policies as discussed:

  • 1. JKAA – Physical Restraint of Students
  • 2. ID – Emotional Support Dogs
motion to accept, seconded, passed 6-0

4. Discussion Only Items
a. Superintendent’s Evaluation (presentation of additional evidence)

a review of the document provided to the School Committee (and to the community on Wednesday) around the data and evidence for the Superintendents evaluation

so much of the District Improvement Plan achievement is really accomplished by everyone on the leadership team

evaluation is on the annual benchmarks, not on the completion of the goal

visits each school at least 6 times a year to meet with principals and make classroom visits, some visits cover arrival and dismissal as well as lunch period

"I am ideas person, I get jazzed by ideas (Portrait of a Graduate) and need to be realistic about what can be accomplished within a year."

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