Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Live Reporting: School Start Times Update

2. Guests / Presentations

b. School Start Times Presentation

part 1 of a series
focusing  more on the local rationale, why are we looking at it?
a bit of a preview of the potential impact, if start times are adjusted
also includes a look at the scenarios the committee looked at

(presentation to be added when available Wednesday)

school used to start later and over the past 50 years, start times have moved earlier which has raised the question

CDC info graphic 

MetroWest survey data from 2016 is currently available but the newest study should be released in the Fall

two slides on student sleep patterns, one HS, one middle schools
steady decrease over the school years in sleep time per MetroWest study

absent/missing school due to being tired is almost a parallel graph showing an increase over the grade years

possible consequence for HS vs middle school to drive tardiness results

interesting slides on tardiness sliced in different ways

athletic concussion data from last several years at HS (this year's data is incomplete as it is still in progress)

concussions reported to school nurses (also on a slide) includes athletics plus

slide with MetroWest info, again these to be updated with newer info in Fall

Question on school length difference with elementary at 6 hours 10 mins and middle/high at 6 hours and 35 minutes? Do need to be mindful of the collective bargaining agreements

model G, model H2
possible model J flips and additional scenario options to look at

Parent - Bertolinni (?)
what are the small steps we can take before we make the big jump

Tim Keenan - Nija gym
Dr Eric - research related to elementary kids; proposal for earlier start times may be detrimental for them
would be great to have a sense of measurable benefits?
sleep? maybe, decrease car accidents? 
what is the clear problem statement we are trying to solve for?
improved academic performance is not really supported by research with start times

what are we expecting to see? How are we going to measure it?

Selena Cousins - parent
if MS teachers were uncomfortable with the change, look at that again
will be the same people leading their clubs, would be concerned about starting so late
can you talk about changing the charter school start times?
are we required to use the same bus company for both?

J Davito - parent
awesome work, 
we're the stats on tardiness increasing? look at multiple years of tardiness data
so much is about cost, what is the right solution, then get the community behind it
what if we charged everyone for buses
impact of the elementary school kids needs to be looked at, even if data is limited

C Darico (?)
thanks for the additional comprehensive scenarios
you have covered all the major points that were 'deal breakers'
students with special needs, time of day medication? - what impact
assumption of early dismissal for high school for sports; 
Acton-Boxboro did change, like it may not get more sleep, does like getting ready longer

I really appreciate the info, all the options, exactly what the community needs
it freaked people out, how we would be doing this?
if we knew what the defined plan would be, it would help?

this is about progress and getting to a plan, no rush 
we want to take our time

what we need to do as a community is to be more involved!

Jacqueline Delcane (?)
will have four kids across the schools
the two standalone elementary schools are Title I, needs to be a consideration

c. District Improvement Plan Update (Communication)

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