Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Live Reporting: District Improvement Plans

2. Guests / Presentations

c. District Improvement Plan Update (Communication)

new website, social media policy
fledgling YouTube channel
translation feature built into the website
would pursue other channels

"Portrait of a Graduate" visioning exercise
developing a new memorandum with Franklin Police

expanding relationships with
  • Franklin Food Pantry
  • Franklin Cultural District
  • William James College (professional development, Project Interface)
  • You, Inc.
  • Community gardening efforts

captured info from community and families on
Sleep and start times

Parent/Guardian education events

expanded with LinkedIn for recruiting
scheduling software for scheduling substitutes
Lifelong Learning re-branded

looking at a communications focused resource to help with the channels as well as the appropriate messaging

parent/guardian nights, encourage parents and kids attending together
go to different workshops over the course of an evening
incorporating babysitting/childcare as part of the evening

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