Monday, May 6, 2019

Two key MBTA projects delayed with commuter rail impact

On the MBTA front, there are two reports with delays in projects
"The MBTA’s $700 million effort to convert to all-electronic fare collection is behind schedule, a blow to a high-profile project that the agency has cast as a near silver-bullet solution to many of its service problems and pricing limitations. 
Officials declined to specify how long it will now take to implement the fare system, originally scheduled for completion in 2021, nor are they saying exactly what has gone wrong. But the delays apparently involve technology issues with the T’s vendor, as well as difficult policy decisions, such as how to conduct random fare checks that the new system will require."
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And earlier last week, there was also a delay announced with the implementation of the new PTC system.
"Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officials are worried the agency will miss a key deadline to install a federally required safety system on the commuter rail, with testing of the long-planned system delayed by an equipment issue. 
The new positive train control system, known as PTC, uses a high-tech network to ensure trains don’t collide. The $459 million project was supposed to be fully installed and operational by the end of next year, but hardware and software problems could threaten that timeline, officials told the MBTA’s governing board Monday. 
The key problem is faulty equipment, built by the international conglomerate Siemens, a subcontractor on the project, that is designed to relay information about train locations and speeds."

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How does the automated fare collection system work for commuter rail?
"on the commuter rail, passengers would tap into the system before they board trains and tap out when they reach their destination, so the T can calculate the distance-based fares."

Two key MBTA projects delayed
Two key MBTA projects delayed

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