Sunday, May 5, 2019

"when you’re picking a school you have to be picking it for more than just sports"

Elizabeth Clark, student and writer for Pantherbook, recently published an interview with Kristi Kirshe.

"Every athlete imagines having successes in high school, college, and eventually the big stage of either professional sports or Olympic sports. For one Panther alumna, she had successes in high school, collegiately, and is now taking the Olympic stage, in a way many wouldn’t expect. 
Kristi Kirshe, FHS Class of 2013, will play for the USA Rugby team. In high school, she was a Gatorade Player of the Year for soccer, and a standout in basketball and lacrosse as well. She went on to play soccer at Williams College, where she was the all-time leading scorer of goals in a season (18), career goals (43), and career points (114). After college, she missed being a competitive athlete and got involved in rugby. I recently got a chance to talk to her about her successes in high school, college, and now her involvement in rugby."
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Kristi Kirshe
Kristi Kirshe (US Rugby photo)

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