Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Capital Budget Subcommittee Meeting - June 26 - 6:00 PM

June 21, 2019

To: Capital Subcommittee and Town Council 
From: Jamie Hellen, Town Administrator

Re: FY 2019 Capital Plan Proposal Round 2

After the winter snow season has come to a close, the Town has $692,000 left in free cash to appropriate. Based on the requests made this year and a few other odds and ends that have come up, which need immediate attention, the following is the recommended appropriations. The full Council will be considering these recommendations later this evening.

1. $448,000 for Roads and Infrastructure. As we all know, the Town has a $40 million backlog of road work and we the Town had to cut funds in this year's operating budget and hope to get that back in for FY 2021. I will have another request later this year to appropriate the hotel revenue to continue to help on roads.

2. $24,000 for the Old South Church Study. This money will be used for historic preservation consultants to evaluate the cost to fully renovate and bring up to code the Old South Church.

3. $100,000 for Public Safety Communications Infrastructure. Verizon informed us earlier this year they are replacing all of the copper wires in Town that helped our public safety officials communicate via handheld radio to communicate on scene to the station. Staff spent the last several months meeting with Verizon and our consultants to develop a long-range game plan for coverage townwide. We are using $87,000 in previously authorized capital funds for the Fire Department for these purposes, $100,000 from the rebate from the MECC being delayed and this free cash appropriation to complete Phase I and Phase II. See attached plan for details.

4. $100,000 wage settlement account. This is a rare and one-time request to help pay for anticipated contractual obligations, retirements, and departmental reorganizations that will occur in the next six months.

5. $20,000 - Beaver Street recycling center. This the start of the land swap with the state. Funds will be used for various state requirements to swap the property, including environmental assessments, legal fees, surveys and appraisals over the next couple years.

The full agenda document and supporting docs for the Capital Budget Subcommittee meeting:

Capital Budget Subcommittee Meeting - June 26 - 6:00 PM
Capital Budget Subcommittee Meeting - June 26 - 6:00 PM

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