Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Live Reporting: Information Matters to closing

4. Discussion Only Items
a. none

5. Information Matters
a. School Committee Sub-Committee Reports (e.g. 

meeting Monday the 16th, 5:30
planning our October workshop

Community Relations
thank Diane for starting this almost 2 years ago
educator of the year award
FEF is moving forward with this award,  elementary, middle and high school
their hope is they will do this at the end of the year, support and leadership level
looking at nomination process; so still in development

next coffee end of Sep
Saturday 21 or 28 so we can go where the game is

newsletter coming in October

Harvest Festival, Oct 5
Lifelong Learning

social media panel for parents and students, social media in this day and age, tips and tricks
most likely at FHS

ways for community to engage with the school committee, highly recommend find something that fits in your schedule

meeting Sep 19, Oct 24

Public Schools Advocacy/ MASC
meeting coming up, maybe a forum to plan around the budget updates

Joint PCC
Sep 23, next meeting

Substance Abuse Task Force
Oct 1 next meeting
recipient of some earmark funding

School Wellness Advisory Council [SWAC]

6. New Business
a. To discuss any future agenda items
elementary school Improvement Plans
budget; state favorable amount from the summer

7. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes
I recommend approval of the minutes from the August 27, 2019 School Committee meeting as detailed.
b. FHS Gift
I recommend acceptance of a check for $659.39 from Ahold for supplemental supplies at FHS as detailed.

motion to accept, seconded, passed 7-0

8. Payment of Bills Dr. Bergen

9. Payroll Mrs. Douglas

10. Correspondence
a. Budget to Actual – Miriam Goodman

11. Executive Session
a. Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A, §21(a)(2) to conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations with nonunion personnel or to conduct collective bargaining sessions or contract negotiations with nonunion personnel.

motion to enter executive session, seconded, passed 7-0  
via roll call
not to return to open meeting

12. Adjournment

The meeting agenda and documents released for this meeting can be found

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