Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Live reporting: Discussion Action Items - Improvement Plans, Davis Thayer study

3. Discussion / Action Items
a. Middle/High School Improvement Goals 2019-20
I recommend approval of the 2019-20 improvement goals for Horace Mann Middle School, Annie Sullivan Middle School, Remington Middle School and Franklin High School as discussed.

motion to approve, seconded, passe 7-0

b. Authorization for Further Analysis

policy describes process to examine school buildings
engage in a closing study for Davis Thayer
would occur over time to examine all the components

1 - age and design of building
security and safety concerns, features not found in modern buildings
heat in August was a challenge, A/C units brought in but electrical power was insufficient
not universally accessible as required, accommodations difficult to put in place

2 - overall enrollment projects down
this is a study so we would engage more deeply into the future aside from birth rates

3 - economic efficiency across the district

taking time to be thoughtful and deliberate
engaging with Davis Thayer community and the larger Franklin community
also to engage an outside consultant to provide

this memo does not say it is closing, proposal is for further analysis
elevator at DT was on capital improvement list

what is the consultant to do?
the consultant to provide some assitance with demographic population and movement around town; fresh eyes and an outside perspective
we have amazing people who work for the schools, this is a little beyond our scope of practice; we can balance the outside with our prospective and the needs/wants of the school community

what is the expected budget for outside consultant?
we need to do a scope of work and come back with some estimates
this is only the authorization for the study

meetings scheduled for Thursday, 10 AM here at Chambers, later at 6 PM at the DT library

this is more than just a building, it is a community
anyone who thinks this is an easy consideration, is not thinking

we are only voting to authorize the study

- include the town as it would include more than just DT

I recommend authorization for further analysis of the Davis Thayer Elementary School through a comprehensive closing study as discussed.

motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

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