Monday, October 28, 2019

Metacomet Land Trust: Capturing the Season

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Metacomet Land Trust
Metacomet Land Trust: Capturing the Season
Got Pumpkins? Recycle That Jack! 

Most of us in New England love Halloween and the traditions around it from contests to grow the largest pumpkin on down to carving or painting a Jack O' Lantern with kids. But what happens to your Jack after October 31st?

Don't throw it in the trash – try one of these:

  • Save the seeds and roast them (on parchment paper) to make a tasty snack or to top a soup at Thanksgiving.
  • Dogs love cooked pumpkin, says our board member Ann Hanscom. Peel, chop and cook – it's good for their health. Patrice Murphy, in Mendon, has a neighbor whose chickens also love pumpkin.
  • Our friends at Maple Farm Sanctuary in Mendon accept donations of healthy, non-decorated pumpkins. Our Board President Lisa Mosczynski, whose family has kept cattle for years, reports her cows also love pumpkin!
  • Deer and squirrels will also eat pumpkin even after you've lit a candle in your Jack on Halloween, Board members Susan Speers and Ann Hanscom report.
  • Add it to your compost pile, the ultimate recycling system.
  • And, of course, if you don't carve a Jack O'Lantern but paint a face on the outside, YOU can enjoy the cooked pumpkin in all of your holiday dishes! You can cook and then freeze the mashed pumpkin in one cup amounts for each use in your recipes. More ideas here on GrowVeg
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