Tuesday, October 29, 2019

wfpr.fm devoting the next several days to the Nov 5 Town of Franklin Election Info

Franklin's wfpr.fm or 102.9 on the FM dial has adjusted their normal programming to share the audio recordings of the individual Candidate interviews, the Candidate Forum (Oct 17), and the Candidate Query (Oct 22).

In between the longer programs, short audio "public service announcements" or PSA's use some of the candidate audio comments on getting the voters out for Nov 5 with a reminder to vote and to consider voting via absentee ballot.

Franklin's wfpr.fm or 102.9 on the FM
Franklin's wfpr.fm or 102.9 on the FM

Listen here:  http://radio.citrus3.com:8418/;stream.mp3

The radio program schedule is set up as follows:

Wed  9 AM -  Get Voters To Vote 31m00s 

Wed 10 AM - FM_#178_Candidate_Query_2019 Part 1 59m20s 

Wed 11 AM - FM_#178_Candidate_Query_2019 Part 2 50m38s 

Thu  9 AM - FM_#176_Candidate_Forum_2019 59m54s 

Thu 10 AM - FM_#178_CandIntv_RDellorco_2019  18m36s 

Thu 11 AM - FM_#177_CandIntv_TCormerLedger_2019 15m59s 

Fri  9 AM - Frank Presents - Election 2019_CandIntv_ABissanti_2019 27m28s 

Fri 10 AM - FM_#176_Candidate_Forum_2019 59m54s

Fri 11 AM - FM_#173_CandIntv - MHamblen_2019 26m00s 

  •   9 AM repeats at Noon and 6 PM 
  • 10 AM repeats at 1 PM and 7 PM
  • 11 AM repeats at 2 PM and 8 PM

All programs also repeat on Saturday to 9 AM - 5 PM  and Sunday  9 AM - 5 PM

Info on the Get Voters to Vote can be found

Info on the Candidate Query can be found

Info on the Candidate Forum can be found

Additional info can be found at the Election Collection

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