Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Live reporting: Discussion Only Items through to Closing

IV. Discussion Only Items
A. October 1 Enrollment Report

approx 310 at Charter last year, 373 this year with preliminary numbers

V. Information Matters
A. School Committee Sub-Committee Reports 

rough draft of portrait of a graduate and how the budget would align to it

Community Relations
social media panel night at Oct 21
70 folks participated at FHS
follow up info to be sent out (i.e handouts of the night)

group met, policies for first read tonight. No next meeting set

Joint PCC
looking to equitable experience across the schools
promoting good conversation on what supports the schools mission and what doesn't

Substance Abuse Task Force 

met this morning, off and running
nutrition organic farm in Natick being used as a model to see what kind of initiative can be started here

looking to expand physical activities before and after school as well as at the end of the year between when sports end and school ends to fill in the gap

VI. New Business
A. To discuss any future agenda items

Nov 12 - organizational meeting
school committee orientation before regular meeting
new chair and vice chair

VII. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Minutes
I recommend approval of the minutes from your October 15, 2019 School Committee meeting as detailed.
B. Transfers
I recommend approval of the budget transfers as detailed.
C. Music Gift
I recommend acceptance of a check for $1,620.00 from various music parents for in-house enrichment at FHS as detailed.
D. FHS Athletics Gift
I recommend acceptance of a check for $954.28 from All American Publishing for Supplemental Supplies as detailed.
E. Cello Donation
I recommend acceptance of the donation of a new Strobel 4/4 Cello (valued at $3,259.99) from Monica & David Mann for supplemental supplies at Annie Sullivan Middle School as detailed.

motion to accept consent agenda items, seconded, passed 7-0

VIII. Payment of Bills Dr. Bergen

IX. Payroll Mrs. Douglas

X. Adjournment

motion to adjourn, seconded, passed 7-0

The agenda and documents released for this meeting can be found on the Schools page

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