Saturday, March 14, 2020

"doing their best to make Franklin a place worth living"

Alan Earls writes about Tom McDermott of of the former Clark, Cutler, & McDermott company.
"Last summer, a long-time Franklin resident Tom McDermott, passed away.

Aside from an obituary posted online and in the newspaper, there was scarcely a stir. But there should have been.

For more than a century, Tom and his family – his grandfather, father and his sons – ran Clark, Cutler & McDermott in Franklin in the gritty and unglamorous non-woven (e.g. felt) textile industry. From the company’s first products back in 1911 -- horse blankets -- to the recent past when sudden business reversals led the company to seek bankruptcy protection, and when its products had become part of a global supply chain in the automotive industry, the company was innovative and feisty. It survived and prospered despite global competition, the high cost of doing business in Massachusetts, and changing markets.

Above all, though, CCMcD was all about Franklin."
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"proposed new zone called Mixed Business Innovation (MBI)"
"proposed new zone called Mixed Business Innovation (MBI)"

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