Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Live Reporting: Information Matters through to Closing (Executive Session)

V. Information Matters
A. School Committee Sub-Committee Reports (e.g. Ad Hoc Supt. Evaluation, Ad Hoc Facilities Analysis, Budget, Community Relations/Public Schools Advocacy, Policy, Transportation)

budget subcom - support strategic plan, obligation to taxpayer to be efficient
class size - equitable?
number of administrators at high school to justify role and need
departments have to be creative; need to better present that to Town Council
students with serve needs and challenges don't go to charter or private schools

faciltiies communications meeting at HMMS
about 35 reviewed the info with line graphs
5 phase plan outlining the process, visual format on website 

community relations - meet SchCom March 25
at library
May 29 - mini-Franklin event planning underway
Apr 17 - Senior Center 

Policy - not meeting on the 19th, meeting on the 26th

transportation, MJ to join Tim and Anne

B. School Committee Liaison Reports (e.g. Joint PCC, Substance Abuse Task Force, School Wellness Advisory Council)

Substance abuse at the SAFE site in Norfolk
SWAC - march 24

VI. New Business
A. To discuss any future agenda items
School Committee budget hearing
ECDC, and middle school improvement plan update
SOA vote

VII. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Minutes
I recommend approval of the minutes from the February 25, 2020 School Committee Meeting as detailed.
B. ASMS Gift
I recommend acceptance of a check for $650.00 from the Franklin Cultural Council for in-house enrichment at Annie Sullivan Middle School as detailed.
C. Oak Street Gifts
I recommend acceptance of two checks totaling $8,336.25 from the Oak Street PCC for in-house enrichment and field trips for Oak Street Elementary School as detailed.
D. Oak Street Trip
I recommend approval of the request of Allison Fuller to take 3rd grade students to The Veteran’s Auditorium in Providence, RI on May 19, 2020 for a performance as detailed.
E. SATF - Hidden in Plain Sight Grant Award
I recommend acceptance of a check for $500.00 from the Norfolk District Attorney for in-house enrichment as detailed.

motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0 (Oak St trip moved to a future meeting per opening comments)

VIII. Payment of Bills Dr. Bergen

IX. Payroll Ms. D’Angelo

X. Executive Session
Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A, §21(a)(3) to discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining with the FEA as an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the bargaining position of the School Committee and the chair so declares.
motion to enter executive session, seconded, passed 7-0 via roll call

XI. Adjournment

The file released for this meeting can be found online at the Town of Franklin page

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