Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Live Reporting: Guests/Presentations

II. Guests/Presentations
A. Student Passion Project Presentation (Parmenter students)

  • French club learning words, songs and making posters
  • Animal rescue club has made dog toys and bird feeders
  • Hometown heroes club learning about veterans who served for the country
  • "??" collected coats/hats/mittens, 'reach out and read' for national reading month 
  • Best Buddies - all about helping everyone make a friend, became the 9th elementary school to become an official chapter of Best Buddies

B. Elementary School Improvement Plan Updates
all six elementary principals with assistant principals in support at meeting

presentation doc to be added later (released by FPS on Wednesday)

adjustment counselors were a positive impact, thanks for funding the balance to provide support across the elementary schools

counselors help to model lessons for teachers, will help to problem solve with teachers

Mo Willems, pigeon referenced as a student interest at Davis Thayer

wait list in pilot with YOU Inc, working out scheduling and insurance issues as well as finding other counselors (as YOU Inc expands)

Q - on scoring and how it is being evaluated? will the program go forward, what is the criteria to say yes or no

A - still developing the scoring calibration and we'll see the data later this year to see what progress if nay has been seen

improved communications on tardies and absences between administration and parents

developing a more unified approach to planning via the "Understanding by Design" (UbD) framework across the 6 schools
used "Portrait of a Graduate" as an example of the backward planning required. If that is the end, what do we need to do to get there

Genius Club = recess and lunch club at DT to allow for more time to explore a project or learning they want

some students are able to exit their interventionist period with good progress and meet grade level expectations

Q - what is an academic interventionist?
A - a qualified teacher individual working part time to provide individualized instruction in conjunction with the math and literacy specialists

working differently in the different schools in some cases due to the Title one funding restrictions

two way communications, coordinating with Anne Marie Tracey to prepare one-pager guides on K registration, etc.; help with website to make better updates

(FHS Diversity Club participated at Keller PDD day, possible visit to Town Council meeting? what the students said others in the community likely should hear)

capital expense possible with the architect looking at all the buildings
interventionists are still being explored and is an area of great opportunity

the needs of the students are challenging, every year it is increasing, you can't invest enough in that, you can always do more

different number of hours from school to school for intervention

PCC's are supportive of the side projects

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