Sunday, March 29, 2020

MassBudget’s Week-in-Review: COVID-19 Response

"First, I want to say my heart is with each of you as we all struggle with the impacts of this COVID-19 crisis on our health, lives and families.

Marie-Frances RiveraIn a matter of weeks, our world has changed dramatically. We, at MassBudget, are working hard (remotely) to share reliable information ( on the most urgent issues facing our Commonwealth. We are providing real time policy analysis and data to legislators. We are working in partnership with coalitions to focus our research on the most urgent solutions. We are channeling the unique expertise of our team of analysts to tackle the important challenges ahead.

As a growing number of Massachusetts residents fall ill and thousands lose their jobs everyday, we are all vulnerable. In the coming days and weeks, I look forward to working in partnership with you to focus our policy solutions on economic recovery efforts, protecting kids and families, all while centering racial and economic equity in our solutions."

In solidarity,

Marie-Frances Rivera
President, MassBudget

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MassBudget’s Week-in-Review: COVID-19 Response
MassBudget’s Week-in-Review: COVID-19 Response

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  1. Steve - MassBudget thinks we have a "revenue" problem (Govt speak for "We know you asked us to lower your taxes but you're keeping us from spending more of your money!"), not a spending problem. MassBudget is part of the problem, not the solution. SJW's dressed up like financial policy analysts is the scariest thing I can think of...