Tuesday, March 31, 2020

"50+ Job-seeker" sessions go virtual

Hi, most of you know me, but given how many people have been laid off recently, many of you probably do not.

To members of the Acton Networkers Group (ANG):

My name is Ed Lawrence; long-time ANG member; laid off 5 times during my hi-tech career. I've presented at ANG; worked for a State career center, and at the Boston University Center for Career Development. I'm currently a group leader (Hopkinton; Franklin) for the 50+ Job-seeker Program that was offered in 17 towns.

A short while ago, I shared the message from our director explaining how the 50+ program is going virtual. This is a great (and FREE) program with a proven track-record of success helping job-seekers.

I'm writing to promote the virtual program and suggest that you sign up.

I've attached a promo for you to share or print, but since Yahoo seems to drop attachments these days, I'm going to point out some info we need you to know:

1. Money drives everything. If you've been laid off recently, you totally understand. So, I need to point out how in order for the MCOA to keep this program going, it needs to show the State (and maybe Feds) that people are attending---SO WE NEED YOU TO REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAM.

Register at: https://50plusjobseekers.org/outreach/registration/

2. Once you register, we add you to a list. For example, I keep a spreadsheet that I use for mailings to people who attend Hopkinton and Franklin sessions. Those mailings include the meeting dates and topics and invitations to join online sessions. You don't pre-register; you don't receive the info for the sessions.

3. Once you've registered for the program, you can register for any of the online sessions. Please understand, this two-step process is our attempt to prevent the general public and strangers from joining the meetings.

4. We have some participant guidelines for the online sessions; they boil down to simple courtesy.

I have the honor of facilitating the first virtual session --- Hopkinton virtual session is:  1pm - 4pm Monday April 6th (Franklin on 4/10 will be 9 am - Noon)
Three hours may seem like a long-time, but our in-person sessions were 3-hours (check-in and network for a half-hour; two-hour presentation; half-hour post-session-networking). And I think we will keep you entertained. (And will we even need three hours? You'll let us know!)

I have two special guests lined up for Monday:
1. Diane Darling, a nationally known networking and social networking expert.
2. Kara Cohen, of the AARP, who will talk about how AARP can help you.

In addition, we plan to take advantage of Zoom features, such as breakout rooms, to enable networking in small virtual groups.

Please note---Every participating town Group Leader will offer virtual sessions. So, if you have a favorite group leader or friends you used to meet at the in-person sessions, you can sign up to see them (virtually) again.

I hope this note explained what you need to know, without boring you.
Best wishes to you all. Be safe.

Ed Lawrence
Group Leader, Hopkinton and Franklin

Hopkinton session flyer

Participant guideline
Monday April 6th "50+ Job-seeker" session
Monday April 6th "50+ Job-seeker" session

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