Saturday, April 4, 2020

350 Mass Greater Franklin Node Meeting, Thursday 4/2/20: Meeting Notes

Hello, everyone. Last night, Thursday April 2, we had an online Zoom meeting of our Greater Franklin node. Whether you were able to participate or not, we want to share with you our notes

We covered many topics including:
  • Challenges and strategies for 350 Mass and other organizations --and their members -- to remain engaged and active during the current coronavirus crisis.
  • Local, state-wide, and national issues and campaigns that we can all help promote through a variety of tools, such as contacting legislators and public agencies, signing petitions, and attending online webinars.
  • Resources (articles, online materials) for learning more about these specific issues as well as climate concerns generally.
The overall message is that each of us can still take actions to promote the causes we care so much about. Our organization, 350 Mass, remains committed to stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure, building a clean energy economy, and creating a just transition that centers on economic and racial justice. We continue to partner with local, national and international organizations with similar goals. 
You can find the meeting notes here.  As you read them, you will see actions and links. Thank you for doing what you can. 
If you have difficulty with the online document or the links, reply to this email and we'll help you out.
We encourage you to join our meeting. For participants, this is more than a business meeting. It's a chance to socialize, to laugh, and to share stories and ideas for managing during this strange time. And dress is definitely informal. 
NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY, APRIL 16.  Look for the invitation earlier that week.
Be well.
Node co-coordinators,
Carolyn Barthel
508-473-3305 H
508-335-0848 C
Ralph Halpern
781-784-3839 H
339-203-5017 C

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