Thursday, April 2, 2020

Franklin Neighbor Brigade Update

In these times of uncertainty we know one thing clearly, that love never has to be rationed or quarantined.  The truth is, we all need each other more than ever right now. We need each other in so many ways, both big and small. We need to rely and lean on one another and to be compassionate, understanding, and patient with one another. We need to focus on being there for one another in the best and safest way we can.
Please read on to see how you can help whether it be from your home or in the community.

Challenge for all Volunteers
Here is a FUN family project. Who's up for a Letter Writing Challenge! All you have to do is wash your hands and put your love on.  If we can't thank, visit a sick person or give gratitude in person, we can do it in a personal note. The list is endless on who you can send a note to.  Here are some ideas of people/neighbors we can offer hope, kindness and a smile to: 
  • a neighbor you have not seen or you know can use a positive note
  • those who are bereaved or supporting the bereaved
  • those who are anxious or feeling afraid
  • people alone and isolated
  • those working at risk jobs and essential workers
  • a teacher
  • the local food pantry
  • a medical professional
  • our fire and police
The challenge is to send two notes within two days to the people of your choice. One could be to say hello/thinking of you and another could be a thank-you/gratitude note.  We have 173 active volunteers.  Let's see if we can get at least half of our volunteers to participate.  If you accept the challenge please let us know by signing-up through the volunteer system.  Happy Writing!   

Important NEW Volunteer Requirements due to COVID-19
While we wait for our services to be called upon from location organizations such as senior center, food pantry, police, fire, and of course our neighbors in need please make sure you have met the NEW volunteer requirements.  They include reading the NB Handbook, Food Handler Training, COVID-19 Preparedness, and have a current CORI check on file. You can check to see if you met this criteria by logging into your account and clicking on Profile on the top right heading and selecting Qualifications.  It should look like the highlighted areas below.  If it doesn't then you will need to complete those tasks by clicking on the information button circled in red and following the instructions.  If you have any questions or need help accessing your account please feel free to reach out.

Franklin Neighbor Brigade Update
Franklin Neighbor Brigade Update

Community Opportunities
YMCA -  Growing demand for families in need of food is happening. Drop off box at YMCA is outside from 9am-6pm daily. Recommended following food items: oatmeal cups/packets, macaroni & cheese boxes/cups, granola bars (nut free whole grain preferred), applesauce or mandarin orange cups (no added sugar), whole grain crackers, tuna pouches in water (low sodium), Progresso chicken soup (low sodium), rice boxes/cups, Barilla Ready Pasta and pasta boxes.

Franklin Food Pantry needed wish list items can be ordered on Amazon using the following link

Tri Valley Meals on Wheels is in need of temporary volunteers to drive meals to residents in Franklin, Medway and Bellingham.  They have a volunteer sign up time from 11:00-12:30 Monday-Friday at the Grace Baptist church on Beaver street. You will need to bring your license and front page of your car insurance with line 5 highlighted. Any questions, call Gail Hamilton 508-520-1422.

Stay home when you can, find joy in the small moments and spread kindness when it's needed greatly!
Linda Gagnon and Cheryl Ferri
Franklin MA Neighbor Brigade Chapter Co-Leaders

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