Friday, August 7, 2020

Franklin Democratic Town Committee Calls to Franklin to Eliminate Systemic Racism

The Franklin Democratic Town Committee (FDTC) proudly supports the Black Lives Matter movement and its goals of dismantling systemic racism and ensuring equality for all, in Franklin, in our Commonwealth and across our nation. 

To achieve these ends, the FDTC is dedicated to working to eliminate the social and health care inequities that have resulted in disproportionate health risks, and the historic targeting and systemic violence against Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities by pursuing equal justice within our judicial system. This is not a political issue that should divide Franklin residents, but a required step in our never-ending efforts to perfect our democracy. 

The FDTC calls on all Franklin residents and community leaders to join in the hard work of achieving true social and racial justice in Franklin through the following action steps:

  1. Support the continued movement of the Franklin Police Department toward greater community policing and the hiring of officers of color and diverse gender.
  2. Call out and oppose any voter suppression attempts by elected officials or organized groups including efforts to suppress the vote of the poor or people of color within Franklin or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  3. We support the Town of Franklin in their continued efforts to hire a diverse professional staff and we stand by the Franklin PS in their efforts to create a diverse cultural curriculum.

We stand together in the words of Civil Rights activist, Congressman John Lewis:

“Freedom is not a state; it is an act. It is not some enchanted garden perched high on a distant plateau where we can finally sit down and rest. Freedom is the continuous action we all must take, and each generation must do its part to create an even more fair, more just society.”

Approved and endorsed by:

The elected and associate members of the Franklin Democratic Town Committee, July 15, 2020

For more information contact the FDTC Co-Affirmative Action Officers: Joni Magee (

Dave McNeill (

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